We are Tom & Cheri, full-time RV travelers sharing our adventures (and challenges), advice and more from the road. Inspiring others to do it now and live life on their terms, a life of freedom and adventure.

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Yes, life can be like a roller coaster with ups and downs and twists and turns despite your best laid plans. Let go of the past and let’s live in the now! Enjoy the Journey.Life is all about making new choices to live, travel, eat, adventure and well, enjoy this journey called life.

Are you ready to make the leap from a cubical dweller, 9 – 5 workday grind to living life on your own terms? You don’t have to wait till retirement to travel and live like you want to. People of all ages are choosing something different right now. With technology, you can work from anywhere and enjoy all the beauty of our planet. With less stuff and little to no debt, you can explore and adventure for far less than the typical American salary.

Whether you are ready now, are just in the dream stage or have already started, sign up and subscribe to get inspiration, travel ideas and real how-to information. I’ll see you on the inside and cheers to your new life of adventure my friends!

Tom & Cheri

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